El escritor MIRA EDUARD , 2018 presenta el libro EL TINENT ANGLES en español sobre Narrativa histórica que tiene 420 paginas totalmente gratis, en la editorial LLIBRES DE LA DRASSANA

  • Autor MIRA EDUARD , 2018
  • Categoria Narrativa histórica
  • Paginas 420
  • ISBN 9788494614316

Sinopsis y Descripción del libro EL TINENT ANGLES

On the road of the 17th and 18th centuries, Antoni Cruanyes, a grandson of General Joan Baptista Basset, the well-known hero of Valencia's Austrians, will marxarà des de la seua Dénia natal en busca de fortuna y del misteri y el sentimiento de la vida.

After spending years of learning in Valencia and England, General Basset's passing will take his young Cruanyes to be a witness and an actor of gallant encounters, of successive revolts, of naval battles,

of intrigues of palau or of viatges sense fi, conforming the story of a personage who, in spite of his love for love, is as entrantable as he is unobligable, destined to have a life more in the heart of Almansa's disgrace.


the total of wars and wars, of decisive times and abolitions, of struggles and scenes that go from that of the country of the Valencians to my Europe, and they combine without pause the historical evocation and the humor,

the adventures and the sexes in two bands, the endevinatòries arts of the slaves of African origin or the many grapevines of the espies, in an amerate combination of mystery and investigation on the own existence.

Eduard Mira has succeeded in capturing the life of Antoni Cruanyes, El tinent anglés, in creating a monumental freshness and life, the great valenciana i cosmopolita sobre la guerra de Successió que estava per escriure i que ara veu la llum per a romandre com una fita absoluta en la narrativa valenciana del segle XXI".


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