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El escritor TONY STROMBERG , 2016 presenta el libro HORSES en español sobre Ciencias que tiene 208 paginas totalmente gratis, en la editorial TENEUES VERLAG

  • Autor TONY STROMBERG , 2016
  • Categoria Ciencias
  • Editorial TENEUES VERLAG
  • Paginas 208
  • ISBN 9783832734268

Sinopsis y Descripción del libro HORSES

Horses, only horses, no riders, saddles and bridles, unless they are in a stable, are no longer something you see.

But this is precisely what Tony Stromberg, an extraordinary equine photographer, gives us.

Photograph these elegant animals in a pure and natural way that no other photographer can match.

And now, your most beautiful photos are collected in an impressive photo book:


Whether in the stables, paddock, field or forest, Stromberg uses a perfect balance of light and shade, a unique composition and a superlative feeling at the right time to bring these majestic animals to life, creating a true tribute to a glorious creature.

However, his paintings go far beyond the mere representation of the beauty of horses.

Stromberg, a former advertising photographer, had his first encounters with horses in the 1990s, at a time when he himself was suffering from terrible exhaustion.

But in these gentle companions, he found in his words, teachers and soul mates that helped him to regain a sense of peace.

The deep connection with the horses he has built since then is clearly evident in his photos, which is what makes them so special.

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