El escritor ANDREU MARTIN , 2018 presenta el libro L HAREM DEL TIBIDABO en español sobre Novela negra que tiene 360 paginas totalmente gratis, en la editorial ALREVES

  • Autor ANDREU MARTIN , 2018
  • Categoria Novela negra
  • Editorial ALREVES
  • Paginas 360
  • ISBN 9788417077259

Sinopsis y Descripción del libro L HAREM DEL TIBIDABO

There, in the Avinguda of Tibidabo, in the middle of the Tramvia Blau, among imposing modernist mansions, is the Harem, a brothel that is very popular in the times of the French Revolution:

the most luxurious in the city, with damaged doors, security cameras, stained glass windows, curtains and tapestries, and full of shelters, with secret and clandestine salts.

As secret as the mysteries that also fix part of his characters.

And it is that the Mili Santamarta, histrionic character and only hereu of the family nissaga and regent of the club, by the terrible news of the troballa of the cos of his mare, murdered with two sad to the nape of his neck.

Together with the Sancha, her adoptive mare and brothel mà dreta -also trasbalsada por la mort del seu fill anys enrere-, they embark on a long journey to clarify the facts and find a truth that, in capdavall, supposedly a caixa of surprises, with missing persons, traffickers of facts, unexpected lists, satanic sects, voodoo rituals, sadomasochistic clubs.

...mute mute.

After inaugurating the collection with Història de mort, Andreu Martín returns to "" with a novel-the hard, violent one, but with the necessary irony and humour, with constant twists and turns of a vertiginous rhythm with prou feines hi ha espai per a la pausa, and here the reader is c...

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