El escritor JUAN FRANCISCO FERRANDIZ , 2018 presenta el libro LA TERRA MALEIDA en español sobre Narrativa histórica que tiene 688 paginas totalmente gratis, en la editorial ROSA DELS VENTS

  • Categoria Narrativa histórica
  • Editorial ROSA DELS VENTS
  • Paginas 688
  • ISBN 9788416930555

Sinopsis y Descripción del libro LA TERRA MALEIDA

A great historical epic with an air of arrival.

The story of a city sotmesa that yearns for freedom and of the house that fought for this miracle.

Love, ambition, secrets, revenge and treatments are intertwined against the backdrop of a fascinating and dreary era.

In the 9th century, Barcelona was the furthest edge of the Holy Empire.

Ruled by the Franks from afar, the city, with a prou feine with a thousand five hundred souls, has developed an abandoned land, active in attempts to conquer the Sarrians and the saved hordes, and subject to the tyranny of corrupt nobles who exploit its inhabitants.

Up here on this malleida earth is the young bisbe Frodoi.

The King of France has just nominated him in the castle, and he has just decided to leave him, and this is more like a castle than an honour, but there is something in his heart that could be a rebellion or a chance for the ambition that they are in his natural habitat, so that he can accept the challenge and the trials and tribulations that will be accompanied by a delegation of colonists who yearn for a new opportunity at the last frontier.

The first impression I have that could not be more distressing, but I would like to be captivated by the charms of an enigmatic lady, the noble Goda, who esteems the city above all coasts.

The children make...


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