Descargar VISUAL ARTS 3º ESO SAVIA 16 en PDF

El escritor VV.AA. , 2016 presenta el libro VISUAL ARTS 3º ESO SAVIA 16 en español sobre Idiomas que tiene 152 paginas totalmente gratis, en la editorial EDICIONES SM

  • Autor VV.AA. , 2016
  • Categoria Idiomas
  • Editorial EDICIONES SM
  • Paginas 152
  • ISBN 9788416346776

Sinopsis y Descripción del libro VISUAL ARTS 3º ESO SAVIA 16

Savia is a comprehensive course supported by a strong values-based education model.

We are Experience We have been offering educational products and services for over sixty years. we are Integration The vehicular language, British English, is integrated into Savia with the utmost attention to linguistic quality. we are Savia Innovation incorporates programs that help you use innovative teaching methods.

CLIL methodology by Savia Savia uses the specific principles of CLIL methodology to help students learn content subjects in English.

This section, located at the end of the book, brings together all the artistic techniques that students have mastered in one place, alternating theory and practice.